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About Us

About Lightstone

Lightstone was founded in 2005 to provide analytical solutions and products to a range of geographic dependent industries. The business is built around a core competence in analysis of a wide variety of data types, particularly in a spatial manner. Together with our staff's understanding and experience in the financial services, retail, government and property sectors, Lightstone customizes its products and solutions to address the needs of its diverse client base.

At the outset, Lightstone initially developed an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for residential properties in partnership with Strategis Consulting (founded in early 2002), which provided skills in geographic information systems (GIS) and statistical analytics. Strategis was initially a shareholder in Lightstone and also supplied data and analytic services to Lightstone. However, in 2007, Lightstone and Strategis merged to become Lightstone, a single entity with Anthony Miller, Ria Pretorius, Trevor Holmes and Andrew Watt as executive directors of the business.

Since 2007, Lightstone has grown revenues and its client base rapidly and expanded its service offering which initially focused on mortgage lenders. Lightstone now offers a range of web-based information systems, data management and consulting services to banks, municipalities, retailers, property professionals (e.g. estate agents and valuers) and other major corporations.

In the 'consumer-facing sector' Lightstone has a number of interesting offerings including:

  • Data quality solutions
    Provision of customised data cleansing, standardising, geo-coding and enrichment solutions that enable clients to dramatically improve CRM, strategic decision-making and risk management. The services are delivered using Dataflux, the global leader in data quality software, and typically include an upfront batch component and an ongoing maintenance component.

  • Spatial solutions
    Spatial and statistical modeling solutions to help clients answer important geographic questions.


We desire to help our clients implement sustainable solutions that benefit their organisations. We are always prepare to build new or enhance existing products in answer to our client's needs and enjoy 'thinking out of the box' to build creative solutions. We have a rigorous approach and develop solutions that are customized to meet the business needs of our clients.

Lightstone clients

Lightstone provides its solutions to a number of customer categories. These are outlined below:

  • Banking clients
    Lightstone provides automated valuation solutions, property market intelligence and risk management solutions to all five leading mortgage banks (including SA Home Loans). In addition Lightstone has developed a broad set of smaller clients from specialist mortgage lenders to bridging finance providers.

  • Municipal clients
    Lightstone has assisted with the revaluation of properties for the Municipal Rates Act for several leading municipalities including Joburg, Tshwane, Dihlabeng and Belfast. Advanced discussions with other leading municipalities to provide a range of services are underway.

  • Estate Agents
    Lightstone has developed a range of market leading property tools for use by Estate Agents in analysing the property market and obtaining detailed property information. Its clients include Pam Golding, Seeff, ERA, Remax, Engel and Voelkers.

  • Valuers
    Lightstone provides a range of property related services professional valuation agencies.

  • Consulting clients
    Lightstone provides spatial analytical and data solutions to a range of large consumer related business including retailers, motor dealers , telecommunications companies and property investors/developers.